Weight Loss Quest

What it says on the tin…

(Edit – Hey, do you want to join me? Drop me an email, using the Contact form. I’ll set you up so that you can also track your weight on this page and/or write about your own weightloss.)

Here it goes: Starting out on Victory day 9 May 2016, I weighed 93.5 kg in the morning. Here is how it goes with me: Below 65 kg, I look slim and around 60 kg I look quite skinny and generally great.

Lord knows what’s going to happen to my currently huge boobs, if I manage lose that much weight. I’ll worry about that if it happens…

LilySlim Weight charts

10-05-2016: 92.0 kg in the morning (not a normal loss, it must be water lost). The Myfitnesspal ticker doesn’t work. I don’t really know pounds and stones very well anyway, but I wanted it because pounds are a smaller unit than kilos so it should be more fun to use it. Plus I know it’s the preference for English speakers who might be reading the blog. If anyone reading this knows of a nice looking weight loss ticker that works, please let me know. Edit, the “LilySlim” tracker doesn’t seem to work either… Could really use a tip of a good service that works with WordPress.com! 🙂