Still hanging on, but new food vices must go!

It’s been 2.5 months without sugar now! The cravings for fruit juice are all but gone. Same with the cravings for chocolate. The only chocolate I still crave a bit for is the junk chocolate “Bounty”. I didn’t even know I liked that one but apparently I did. Also – I’ve been craving icecream in the hot weather, but haven’t given in properly apart from 1-2 minor glitches which I will talk about in a later post.illustration

I’ve got a new replacement vice though: MILK! I have been heaving down the semi-skimmed milk and it can’t be good for health or figure. For many years I believed I was allergic to milk as I was told that in childhood. I eventually discovered that any allergy I thought I had was gone. Oh joy! Began to enjoy Lattes and all manner of treats with milk. Whipped cream which I have always had a soft spot for.

Since the Sugarfree life began I’ve been drinking too much milk and there is no two ways about it. I need to ditch it. I’m abusing milk almost as much as I did chocolate.

Another sin has been crisps, aka potato chips. The flavouring – for example, for Untitled-1my favourite flavour, Barbecue – actually has a bit of sugar in it, but I’ve been thinking that it doesn’t matter since it’s so little. Or that it’s ok for the odd treat. Or have I been tricking myself here?

Finally the whipping cream. I don’t think I even need to expand on that one. It must go.

So to summarise – the following must go for me to be completely free of cravings for unhealthy food:

  • Cows milk
  • Whipped cream
  • Crisps

This stuff is not addictive in the same way as sugar, so it should be less hard dropping sugar. But it will be so much harder to live completely without any “treats”. I guess that’s what food addiction is all about though. It’s about getting some kind of rush or pleasurable feeling out of eating junk food that rewards the pleasure centre in the brain.

This blog helped me ditch the sugar. Now I need it to help me get rid of these final vices.


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