Step 2: Eat Less to Lose Weight

It’s been 2.5 weeks since I stopped eating sugar. I feel better. The cravings are almost gone and I am proud of myself. I’ve overcome an addiction, to sugar. My head is clear assuming I sleep properly. Less headaches. My body doesn’t have aches caused by sugar-induced inflammation. I’ve lost 2.5 kilo (out of 30 kilo needed…i.e 62 pounds)

Me, 2005 trying a
home-made ball-gown

But unfortunately things don’t end there. I’ve got 28 kg to lose if I want to be proper slim. That is 62 pounds. Weight loss is achieved by digesting less calories than you burn. I’ve had slightly fewer calories than normal, since cutting sugar. This was simply due to not eating any chocolate and not drinking fruit juice..

Me @Russian ball
in Paris, 2005

I actually need to have less than 1200 calories per day, though! Ideally I should be consuming less than 800 calories a day. When I was skinny in my 20s, I took a day of 500 calories whenever I felt up to it.

I’ve been “kind” to myself about not having to be hungry. I’ve been eating other things in order not to make the sugar abstinence too hard. Now, the honeymoon is over!

It’s time to claim my old figure back. Time to take control over eating as well as consumption of sugar. I read in the paper today about a Swedish girl who lost 20 kg since November without even exercising. All she did was stick religiously to her diet.

In order go get inspired, I’ve started following some dieting blogs. I like Monica Akerele’s Fitness Blog. She has already achieved a lot and is still going strong. A thoughtful weightloss blog that I follow is OnceAFatGirl.  She is drawing strength from blogging. She’s been doing that faithfully for years now, while going from “morbidly obese” to “a healthy weight”.  Finally, Maureen at I’mpossible Journey also lost tons of weight and is keeping it off through a sugarfree diet. If you are reading this and blog about weight-loss, please make a comment so I can check out your blog! Same thing if you simply know of an inspirational weight-loss blog.

It seems so hard, but these are normal women with normal lives who managed it! They managed what Oprah, Gerard Depardieu, Jessica Simpson and Kirsty Alley couldn’t do! I’m privileged to be able to gain inspiration from reading their blogs.

My ‘celebrity body double’
Tyra Banks, in 2005

Speaking of celebrities:  About 2005 or so, I did some kind of web-quiz with a colleague at work. The idea was to find a celebrity who had the same body as yourself.

After completing the test it turned out that my celebrity body-double was Tyra Banks, the model/TV-host. I was the same height, weight, age and bra size as her. Mind you, this was 2005! I am not that weight anymore. If  you don’t know who Tyra Banks is;  she’s an American (ex) model who’s been on the cover of Vogue and modelled for the best French and Italian designers. Nowadays she runs a TV show in the USA. Given that you don’t get much whiter than me, it was kind of funny to have a black woman as “celebrity body-double”. I guess the test makers didn’t consider skin colour a factor worth worrying about. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised and felt an affinity with Tyra straight away. I’m not too sure what her personality is like, and I never had an opportunity to see her show. I think it is about about relationships. 

64 kilos! (=141 pounds) I bet she still weighs that! I actually weighed quite a bit less than that at the time.The name of the game for me was to keep the scale below 60 kg. Really, it’s criminal to be born with a catwalk proportion body and let yourself go like I have. If you think I’m arrogant for saying that I have catwalk proportions, please don’t. I suffer from alopecia universalis and will be a freak for the rest of my life… So I’ve never had any confidence about my looks. Without a wig, I obviously look disgusting. I just happen to be tall with slim limbs and long legs. Actually, compensating for the alopecia was one of the reasons I used to keep myself so skinny earlier. Alopecia is also a big reason why I let myself go. I’m at the bottom of a dark hole right now and starting the long climb up to the light.  


10 thoughts on “Step 2: Eat Less to Lose Weight

  1. At the risk of wearing out my welcome in your comment section, I want to tell you that I joined Weight Watchers online after I quit sugar cold turkey so I would make sure I ate ENOUGH to lose weight (if I even could). I was approaching 50, I hadn’t successfully lost weight in my 40’s and I feared going into some calorie hoarding mode that would upset my metabolism into a permanent obese mode. I don’t completely subscribe to Weight Watchers philosophy, but I use their tracking system and the blogging community to log my foods and blog my foods as suggested in Potatoes Not Prozac. I eventually started exercising at least 20 minutes a day before sitting down to my computer to blog. I switched out food for creative writing! As I said in my blog today–processed thoughts work better for me than processed foods! I had a blast connecting with other people. I refused to eat diet food (low/no fat) and made sure I ate avocados, whole eggs, and coconut oil for satiety purposes. I was doing the logging and blogging to manage my sugar addiction so I would feel better (get rid of aches and pains and mood swings)..The weight loss was like a side effect!!. Check out The Sugar Free Revolution and Karen Thompson. She’s very enthusiastic and has loads of information.

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    • This comment is like a repository packed with great advice! I’m loving your comments, thank you so much for taking the time!

      I’ll be revisiting this advice again and again, and use it for the blog as well. I’ve got Potatoes not Prozac on my ebook reader – I’ll read it! Exercising – for sure, yes. I haven’t been doing enough of it. I used to be spoiled for lovely walking routes where I lived before, but haven’t really found any where I live now. There must be though. This is one of the top tourist destinations in the UK – supposed to be a really lovely town. I suppose I could go running along the river though. Like you, I love avocados. Eggs as well.
      I’ll be checking out that WeightWatchers diary. Will be trying to stay involved with the weightloss blogging community. I have some ideas for improving this blog to be more helpful in the weightloss quest..


  2. You have a raw honesty that I appreciate, Hanna! Just wanted to share something with you as you make goals going forward. My 6 year old recently had a revelation that “God doesn’t see us the way other people do.” It’s true. He doesn’t even see us the way WE see us. This is what He says to you, “You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” Song of Songs 4:7, NIV

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    • What a lovely, thing to say. It really lifted me up.
      I don’t know why God has inflicted a handicap on me, but I know there are others who have it a million times worse. Maybe he wants to see how I handle it. I haven’t really done a great job of it before. It’s been all about pride, obsessing about appearance and feeling sorry for myself. When I could have helped and inspired others, or just got on with it. What a sinner… Thank goodness for grace and forgiveness.

      Also – very cool to get a bible quote from Song of Songs!
      And what a wise little man you’ve got there!

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      • My daughter said it actually. Thanks☺️.

        Btw God doesn’t give illness, it’s the devil who “steals, kills, and destroys.” ” Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly.” When He walked this earth “He went about doing good and healing ALL” who came to Him. “He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever.” He is so gracious

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    • A wise little Lady then! 🙂 I should have remembered…
      Amazing, the gems that come out of sweet children. They’re lucky, your kids. Age 6 was about the age when my atheist dad decided to tear down my childhood faith. After that, state school picked up where he left off. It’s taken a lot of searching to find my way back and some atheist propaganda can never be fully erased. I sure hope your children will be spared from that experience.

      Thanks for the comment about handicaps. Maybe I need to read more on it.
      I was thinking about trials, like Job’s… And that I probably wouldn’t be worthy of healing if I had been living at the time of Jesus. I think he healed the people with perfect faith… I’ll be writing about this at some time in the blog but I’ll give you a heads-up before. Although I have a fair idea about the bible from an academic perspective, i.e. RE in school – I’m not a mature Christian. I want to become one though! Thanks again for the comment!


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