PMS Cravings and Bingeing on Non-Sugar Foods

The PMS cravings have really started. I have definitely been overeating. Not sugar though! Pathetic to overeat things like sweet potato, avocado, cheese, diet powder and vegetarian pasta! But that’s me – Hanna, your anonymous food addict.

Tempting sweet potato chips…

I will quit this behaviour too though. I just couldn’t do it all in one go – sugar plus other bad food habits, I mean.

It’s been 2 weeks since I had sugar now though. I lost a little bit of weight, not much. Over at Impossible Journey, Maureen mentioned that she has had difficulties controlling in-between meals snacking. This is despite her being a fully recovered addict and the author of a book on quitting sugar. So it can happen to the best of us. I was a very strict and disciplined eater when I was younger. I just need to kick the physical addiction and get back in the mindset I had in my 20s.

Even though I’m still very much in the PMS week, I’ll try to get through the day today without overeating. It just makes me feel bloated.

The thing that triggered this recent food abuse was two things. Economic – my economic situation was resolved. I had been a bit concerned about that earlier. Secondly, I started reading some Paleo diet blogs, particularly Petra8Paleo. Petra has some great recipies on her blog. The paleo diet appeals to me but I haven’t committed to switching yet. I don’t eat a lot of processed pre-cooked food anyway.
Well, the sweet potato chips look quite irresistible, don’t they? I made this dish twice *blush*.

It’s time to reign in this abuse too now. I will eat 3 meals of food or diet powder. Nothing more.


3 thoughts on “PMS Cravings and Bingeing on Non-Sugar Foods

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I don’t think of myself as a completely recovered sugar addict. But my awareness level is more refined as I keep moving away from refined foods. Perhaps my thoughts are more refined?! I recently wrote a post for my Weight Watchers blog that addressed the idea of all or nothing in survey results. I was told that anything less than a 5 of 5 would constitute a failing score for the car dealership I’d visited. My mind thinks that’s ridiculous. It sets up an artificial environment that’s probably just as bad as artificial sweetener. If I’ve had less than a perfect day, I pay attention to how I feel and what happened. I don’t want to focus on all the negatives and wallow in self pity, but if there’s room for improvement, I don’t want to be afraid to be aware of it. It’s not a failure. It’s a place to move on from. (Sort of like scale numbers.) Awareness leads to Acceptance of a need to Adapt. I call that my AAA. Like the American Automobile Association, it helps in trip planning and in case of blow outs. I’ve even changed attire with it. (Love the smaller sizes!) And now I’ve written a blog post on your comment section. Best wishes!!!

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