Saying Goodbye to False Friends

After about 10 days of sugar free eating, I’ve stopped craving chocolate all the time and I only rarely think of fruit juice.

I have a sense of mourning the loss though. I’m sure alcoholics feel similarly for a while about their favourite drinks. I think the same is true for some drug users. Some articles I read (Telegraph: Sugar is addictive and the most dangerous drug of our times) indicate that sugary foods are just as addictive as alcohol and drugs. I find that hard to believe. I was never lying on the ground shivering or throwing up.

But I will be mourning among my old “false friends”:

  • Haägen-Dasz chocolate ice cream. Mövenpick Walnut ice cream
  • Nice milk chocolate such as Green & Black and various tray chocolates.
  • Junk chocolate such as Bounty and Reese’s Buttercup.
  • Marabou and Fazer chocolate, Nordic brands from my childhood
  • Marängsviss (Swedish version of banana split. Contains meringue as well)
  • Negerbollar (Swedish chocolate treat – takes 1 min. to make)
  • Meringues
  • Mud cake with whipped cream
  • Carrot cake
  • Starbucks Soy Latte and anything else from Starbucks

They got me through some hard times but they were not real friends! They were a bit like loan sharks who lend you money, then come after you for twice the sum you originally borrowed. And send the bad guys after you if you do not pay. I should not mourn them, but turn my back on them. I do feel a bit of nostalgia though. This post is too bid them farewell forever.

And did you notice the other trend here…? Looking at this list, I was actually primarily hooked on American stuff. Most of the brands, most of the foods I mention – they are American. Do I live in America? No! American food makers are particularly good at sneaking in extra sugar of the very worst and most addictive kind. And making it taste devilishly good. Even the packaging is optimised to get you hooked. And they lured me in! But I will be the fish that got away. Keep you sugar poison, Uncle Sam!
While I like and admire many aspects of the US, there are other aspects to it that I absolutely loathe. Greedy globalist capitalism is one of those things. And that’s exactly what corporations like Starbucks and General Mills or Nestle represent. They are the owners of the brands I mentioned. Yet I got hooked on their wares! If I’m going to get hooked on something American, things like the Paleo diet seems like a much better deal. Some of the most inspiring health trends are also American. I’ve been getting the poison coming out of the US. Time to upgrade.

I feel a bit bitter as well. How could I ever get drawn into this addiction after having grown up in a health conscious household and while being aware of the dangers unhealthy eating? I am so angry with myself about it.

I remember so clearly watching the epic film “Christiane F” (Wir kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo) as a teenager. I decided there and then never to take any drugs. So did many of my friends. I stuck to that (although not counting cannabis). There is a long rant about this commitment in an old diary of mine.

Why didn’t they also make a film like this about a fat diabetic lonely girl who kills herself from depression? And made all the kids watch that too…? There are probably a lot more of those than there were ever heroinists… I touched any drugs after watching Christiane F. There should have been one about a sugar addict too. People don’t take the poison that is sugar seriously enough.


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