Bursting with Energy (+Eurovision comment)

This morning as I woke up, I was absolutely bursting with energy!pTqKEoAac.jpg
I’m sure it’s thanks to being sugar free and wheat free. I can’t remember when I last felt so good. This is powerful. Wow what a testimony!

My head was completely clear, my neck didn’t trouble me. It was quite amazing; I could hardly wait to get moving! I started thinking of what to do with all the energy I was feeling. Eventually I actually started doing morning gymnastics of the kind I learned when I was a kid, because I simply couldn’t sit still. I seriously haven’t had that feeling since I was a kid.

I wanted to see simple moves to energetic piano music like I remembered from my childhood, but the most similar video I could find was this.

(Seriously what happened to “morning gymnastics”? In my childhood it was considered a must. Took me 10 minutes to even find a school on Youtube that has it. All the kids are looking a bit chubby though.)

So what was it that happened with me this morning? Will it be the same tomorrow? Is it possible to experience the vitality you had as a child, as an adult?  Have I been poisoning myself for a decade or more?

There was a time when I was young, when I ate very healthy food at home, without even being aware that there was an alternative. My mother was quite health oriented. Most sweets were banned. So were soft drinks other than plain apple juice and grandmother’s homemade black currant cordial. On rare occasions we had banana split for dessert though.

I actually didn’t have my first Coca Cola until I was 12. I had my first crisps (a.k.a potato chips) at eleven. I even remember when: It was while watching “Eurovision Song Contest”.

serveimage Oh, speaking of Eurovision, that’s coming up this weekend actually – to be broadcast in the US for the first time, apparently. Sweden is hosting it, since we won last year. But really the songs are getting worse every year, as is the vulgarity.  The voting will be changed this year though – to remove the “power” from the public. I guess they got fed up with all the Scandis, ex-Yugos and ex-Soviets voting for each other.


One thought on “Bursting with Energy (+Eurovision comment)

  1. Vibrancy is good! I actually feel better in my 50’s than I did in my 40’s and possibly 30’s! I ran my first 5K the week before I turned 50. Last Saturday I ran a 5.5 mile race in just a few seconds over 1 hour. I find it amazing that such a reluctant runner (only a mile at a time for the physical tests in grade school) could train for and complete half marathons in her 50’s! Life is sweet without sugar! Best wishes to you!

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