It’s Victory Day for Europe and Me

I’m hanging in there. Day 6. It’s VE Day, Peace Day, Europa day or День победы depending on what part of our continent you are on. I’m still feeling sugar cravings but they have subsided somewhat. They are more manageable. It obviously “helps” greatly that I can’t buy sweets right now, because I’m broke. I’m staying clear of wheat at the moment as well – not sure how long I can unless I get some money coming in.

Kids at V-day celebration 2016

Without wheat and sugar, my sinus and headache problems aren’t bothering me. Normally I have a problem with sinuses that get enlarged as I eat wheat and milk.I think it’s fair to say that I have more energy too. I only got 4.5 hours of sleep last night. Not normally enough for me to feel normal the next day, yet I do!

I’m trying to focus not on what I’m missing with not having the drugs– chocolate and sugary things. Instead I’m focussing on what I’m gaining: Health and a slimmer waistline. I could be as slim as I was when I was thirty again. In the past when I tried to ditch sugar, I allowed myself to feel sorry about not having the drugs again. Eventually I convinced myself they weren’t really drugs. But for me they are. I’m like an alcoholic in AA. I can’t touch it because if I do, I’m back on the downhill slope into abuse again.

So today is Victory Day (well it’s the day after, really – but it’s the day the Russians and ex-Soviet celebrate, and they are they only ones who still do it properly. Go figure since 26 million Soviets died in World War 2…)

Since childhood I really like this holiday; it symbolises the conclusion of spring into summer in Northern Europe. Peoples struggles during the war are beyond what we can comprehend today. I don’t care much for the marching or displaying weapons to re-assure people… But I like the street parties and park parties later on. I love the songs and I’m glad Russia has its dignity back.

I’ve essentially completed a week without sugar – so it’s a personal Victory Day for me too! Victory over addiction! The first milestone in my new life free of addiction. I’m going to make this a symbolic holiday for myself.

Victory parade, the marching bit – I don’t like the weapons parade – in Moscow, today 9 May
(no surprises from a quick glance, same thing as always)

My favourite old Soviet Victory Day song (a war-time love song about partisans in Moldova)


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