Later on – still feeling allright…

Second post today! I’m giving myself support through this blog. chocolate_shake_w_mint_garnish_1I can see that nobody is reading it. I might as well write in my own language, Swedish.
But just in case someone drops by… So, I’m just documenting how I’m doing with the sugar free lifestyle. I’m taking baby steps – one day at a time and wanting accountability. I had 2 healthy shakes so far today. Rode my bike to the job fair and back. The job fair was pointless, it mainly for the graduates of the super-famous university in the town where I live. I didn’t go there.

I’m a bit hungry now, 15:30, but I’m going to hang on until at least 18:00.
Just mildly hungry, not craving sugar.

It’s useful to think of other example of people who made do without sugar and on little food…

I’m thinking about the brave people in North Korea who had a hard time until recently. Food there is rationed. tled-1They used to try to eat only two meals per day. There are at lot of lies about North Korea. I love that they are still doing socialism, but for sure – there are some problems with the regime there. Some people have been treated appallingly. There is a group in society that’s discriminated; the descendants of people who collaborated with Japan during the occupation. North Korea is not starving anymore, but things are still somewhat tough outside the capital and larger cities. Ten years ago, North Koreans could only get one chicken, 5 eggs and fish depending on the catch per person, per month, in terms of protein. They got quite a fair bit of grain, rice and vegetables – not of the best quality though. The thing is, assuming the supply of this type of ration is reliable, you can live absolutely fine on that – particularly if you take a supplement. So I’ll be fine on what I have, until my money comes through.

I’m thinking also about those freaks who only eat one type of food. They survive for decades on quite ridiculous food. One guy here in the UK was eating only chips (aka fries) and a particular type of sausages.
If he tries to eat anything else, he pukes, according to himself. The picture to the right shows this guy. Chips and sausage is all he’s eaten since early childhood. He’s overweight as you can see. But according to the Daily Mail heäs fully functional in society and has a job. Chips and sausage is all he had since childhood. Can you you believe it!

In Sweden where I come from, there was a guy who could only eat moose meat. He was allergic to everything else. This was in my childhood, he was quite famous. I wonder what became of him?

So if North Koreans and the “food freaks” can manage – so can I.


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