Feeling a bit better today

Got a horrible migraine attack yesterday afternoon. Headache pills didn’t help.chocolate_shake_w_mint_garnish_1
Realised I have absolutely no money. Having the drug (sugary food) is not an option.
Now it’s about making the food last until money comes into my account.

No headache now at least, and no strong craving.

Today I’ll stick to a low calorie diet of my homemade diet powder. It consists of:

Recipe for diet shake&/powder
5 scoops of regular oatmeal
2 scoops sweetener (avoid aspartame, try Splenda or Stevia)
2 scoops of cocoa powder. Just the plain, nothing added type.
1 scoop of something like powdered dried nettles or mixed nuts and seeds (i.e. healthy, nutritious with no strong taste)
3 pinches of salt. A bit of vanilla powder, if you have it.

Blend until smooth powder in a blender.  It works better in a smaller blender. You may have to stop and re-organise the blend once or twice until it’s truly powdered).

(The “scoop” can be any size – this is just about getting the right the proportions).

Shake or blend about 3 regular spoons of the powder with a pint of water, skimmed milk or almond milk. For me, this is great since it contains no milk or wheat. It’s also super-cheap.

Basically you adapt this to whatever you have around at home. The important thing is that you don’t put any real sugar in it, including fruit sugar. Als

One pint of this is about 200-350 calories depending on how much powder  you use and whether you use milk or water to blend it with. You can get by just fine on three or four shakes per day without being too hungry. I often did when I was really skinny. It’s just a bit boring, that’s all. But it tastes absolutely fine – particularly when hungry!

This is probably the scariest situation I’ve been in, in my life. I must get a job now!!! Depression has run its course. God I need your help, now.


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