Relapse yesterday, but fine today

Crack cocaine to me…

Yesterday something stressful happened.
When that was over, I had some chocolate and pineapple juice.
I’ve managed without sugar all day today. But it’s been hard.

Right now my whole body is crying out for juice. I know why, of course. Juice has fruit sugar in it. My favourite is pineapple juice.

I remember drinking it for the first time as a child, from a tin in the kitchen while my mum was cooking something. I don’t think you could even buy fresh pineapples in Sweden back then. Certainly not the juice. But the taste was magical to me.

I’ve loved it ever since. Here in the UK, you can buy yummy freshly pressed pineapple juice. That and milk chocolate are my worst drugs. I also like barbecue crisps, aka chips. Kettle or Pringle.

People say that dark Belgian chocolate is a substitute for milk chocolate. That’s nonsense! Dark chocolate’s got almost no sugar in it, so from a sugar junkie’s perspective it’s pointless. I realise the Belgians like it as gourmet food – but it’s an acquired taste I haven’t managed to acquire it… Also, it reminds you of milk chocolate. In light of the fact that I’m abandoning sugar, I guess even the best Belgian chocolate is off the menu forever.

The writing is just rambling to get the cravings out of my head. I did another day with no sugar. One day at a time, just like the 12-step program. One day at a time.


3 thoughts on “Relapse yesterday, but fine today

  1. I have found that writing is a huge support in living with sugar addiction. I’ve been having some trouble lately with between meal eating. It tells me that I’m not writing enough–privately or publicly. Processed thoughts are better than processed foods. I am finding your blog quite interesting. Best wishes to you as you learn to live with your addiction. I’m Possible and you are, too!

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    • Thank you so much for making the first comment on my blog! Let’s continue to support each other – looks like we’re in the same boat… There are lots of things that can make you want to eat between meals: Just a bad habit, brain circuits need to be re-wired. Hormones playing havoc with your brain. Deficiency of some nutrient or just boredom. This would make for a good blog post, I think!
      “What causes the uncontrolled munching and how can you control it?”


      • I think the answer to your question would be different for each person answering. I have to control the munching by not starting to graze in the first place. It helps me to look at the picture I have of two cows in a field. They’re looking up from grazing as if to say, “We’re cows. We graze. You’re not a cow. You don’t graze!” (Moo-reen)

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