First Sugar Free Day

Hello World!
This is just a journal to support me as I take my first steps on the road to healthier eating.

Today I was stuck at home, cleaning. I had nothing sugary at home so I ate no sugar at all. I had the cravings, but I didn’t give in. It certainly helped that I didn’t have anything at home, or it wouldn’t have worked.

I did however have a big helping of pasta with mayo.

Ridiculously low on money – don’t ask. Perhaps this mad situation is sent from above to help me kick the habit. To get some greens, I’ll pick nettles tomorrow. Can’t go without greens.

Job hunting on tomorrow as well. I’m an IT project manager but got stuck in depression and a bit of a mental episode, so didn’t work for 6 months. Fortunately I have a good CV, but I’m out of cash.

I had my home-made diet powder and the pasta. No juice, no chocolate.
Well done Hanna! At least one thing good in my life.


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